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Whether you’re saving to buy a home,
putting money in your child’s college fund or just trying to cover higher costs for necessities, you may be looking for ways to keep more money in your wallet so you can spend on the things that matter most. And you’re not alone.

In fact, a recent national survey from Experian found that 66% of respondents are actively looking for ways to trim expenses from their monthly budget.

There is no better time than the present to get started. The basics of saving money lay a great foundation for stretching your dollars and taking control of your finances. This includes budgeting, paying off debt, establishing savings goals, automating savings and cutting back on unnecessary expenses.

However, you may not know there are other less obvious ways to keep more money in your wallet. Don’t leave money on the table, here are three creative ways to save more now:

Shop around to save on monthly bills: Most people spend time shopping around for a new TV or other purchase to get the best price, but overlook the opportunity to save by comparing monthly bill providers. Experian has an auto insurance comparison shopping service that can help you potentially save up to $900 per year on your policy. The service provides you with multiple, tailored rates from up to 40 leading and well-established auto insurance carriers, allowing you to find a policy that meets your needs.

 Look for ways to maximize credit card rewards: You can save big and manage spending at no cost with the right credit cards and reward programs. To help you find the best card, whether you want cash back or no APR terms, Experian offers a free marketplace that leverages your financial information against lenders’ requirements to match you with tailored offers.

Try negotiating rates: Negotiating monthly bills is crucial for finding extra savings. Take a look at your payment terms and plans to see if you can renegotiate for lower rates on expenses like cable or cell service. If you feel that calling service providers is tedious and time consuming, there are services that can help. A new feature available in a paid Experian CreditWorks Premium Membership negotiates lower rates on eligible monthly bills on your behalf so you can stop overpaying. Those who use this feature see an average savings of $263. If you’d like to negotiate directly with your provider, make sure you ask them about all the offers they are willing to extend to you so you know all your options and get the new, accepted offer in writing.

“Even when times aren’t tough, it is always good to practice budgeting and money-saving habits to position yourself in the best way possible before you need it,” said Andrea Woroch, a nationally recognized consumer finance and money-saving expert. “Tapping into these tools from Experian can help you save in ways you may not have been aware of and help you keep your finances on track now and in the future.”

There are more ways Woroch recommends to save, including reducing your monthly spend on debt by consolidating credit card debt to a 0% balance transfer card and avoiding impulse shopping by deleting payment and shipping details stored in online retail accounts, as well as unsubscribing from store emails. To be more strategic at the grocery store and cut wasteful purchases, you might also consider meal planning.

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It’s always important to find ways to save. Leveraging available tools and being strategic can help you get control of your expenses and keep more money in your wallet.


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