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In-person, online, or hybrid shopping? American consumer habits are changing in surprising ways

Flowcode visualized the share of shopping that happens in person, online, or in a hybrid capacity across categories using data from a 2022 IBM survey.

Become a CFP® Professional and Give Back Through Pro Bono Financial Planning

(NewsUSA) - Nearly 9 in 10 Americans are concerned about the current cost of living in the United States, which has created an increasing need for the trusted, often life-changing advice of …

The 5 states where casino gaming supports the most jobs compiled a ranking of five states where the casino gaming industry supports the most jobs, using data from the American Gaming Association.   

5 bad money habits hurting your financial future and how to steer clear of them

(BPT) - There's a good chance you may have a habit or two when it comes to money that is not doing your financial future any favors. The good news is you're not alone, and there are ways to break …

Consumer retail spending holds steady as recession worries drag on

Shopdog analyzed spending data from the Census to illustrate how American consumers are holding up under continued inflation.  

IPO 101: What to Know About Investing In An IPO

(BPT) - With the boom in retail trading over the last few years, one area may be new to a lot of investors: investing in an Initial Public Offering (IPO). IPOs have been fairly scarce the last …

Americans still love buying trucks, even as gas prices rise

Gas prices are staying stubbornly high compared to pre-pandemic prices. Insurify examined vehicle sales data to see how Americans are responding.
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5 surprising facts about online fraud and how to protect yourself
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9 currencies that no longer exist
DeAgostini // Getty Images Between mobile wallets and digital payments, the U.S. dollar seems like it's falling more and more into …
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What Women Regret in Retirement
(NewsUSA) - One of the biggest regrets of women who’ve retired?  Not having saved enough money.In fact, according to new research …
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How restaurant employment has changed so far in 2023 - Yuri A // Shutterstock The restaurant industry was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. In the spring of 2021, …
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How a CFP® Professional Can Help You Manage Your Debt
(NewsUSA) - Household debts are rising amid higher interest rates. The increase in rates is a major issue for all borrowers, at all …
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Graduates with history degrees most often find work in these industries
Drazen Zigic // Shutterstock It is well-documented that students who pursue STEM majors often have more ease transitioning into …
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Transportation, health care lead the way in employee recruitment growth
Gorodenkoff // Shutterstock The American private sector has experienced an increase in job creation since 2013, which many experts …
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These are the industries hiring the most workers with disabilities
Shutterstock People with disabilities are significantly less likely to be employed than the general population, with an …
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Housing, clothing, and food are more expensive: Inflation of these household expenditures defies Fed rate hikes
Brandon Bell // Getty Images The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates more than 10 times since March 2022 to stem the high …
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Post-COVID surge in weddings, other formal functions drive uptick in jewelry sales
Canva When the pandemic shut down in-person gatherings, people planning weddings and parties felt the blow. But as couples put off …
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Americans Are Enjoying Live Events and That's Good for the Economy

(Tom Siciliano) - The U.S. economy isn't perfect, but unemployment remains at record lows, inflation is cooling, consumer spending remains strong, and wages are rising steadily, not rapidly.While …

Why Women Need to Do Better at Saving for Retirement

(NewsUSA) - How prepared are all you women out there for retirement?Hopefully better than the 42 percent of adult females in a new study from financial services firm Edward Jones and Age Wave who …

5 Steps to Start Planning Your Estate

(Family Features) Regardless of your age, it's never too early to plan your estate and ensure last wishes are met. Estate planning isn't just for the wealthy. Discuss these basic estate planning steps with your loved ones and consider consulting an attorney for individual guidance.