(NAPSI)—In 2024, we can join together to get closer to achieving the goal of making Florida tobacco free by encouraging people to never begin tobacco use and supporting those who have embarked their quit journeys.


Good News from the Florida Youth Tobacco Survey

For prevention, we started the year with encouraging news that the dedication to tobacco prevention education and support is achieving results. The 2023 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey found that just 9% of Florida youth ages 11-17 are current users of electronic vapor products like electronic cigarettes, a drop of nearly half from the peak of more than 16% four years ago. Cigarettes are also getting closer to being snuffed out in Florida schools, with just 1.1% of Florida youth currently using them. 


Indeed, 5 out of 6 Florida students today say they are committed to never smoking and would never even try a tobacco product, even if offered to them by a best friend. Studies show most people who smoke start by age 18, so one of the best things we can do to eliminate smoking is to continue dedicating ourselves to raising a generation that never starts.


Navigating Your Quit Journey: Moving Forward from Slip-ups

For Floridians who are currently using tobacco, the new year is often a popular time to resolve to quit. However, as the new year progresses, meeting resolutions can feel challenging due to slip-ups and relapses. 


 If you or a loved one is in this situation, remember that a slip-up can be a lesson, not a failure. It is never too late to get back on track. 


 A quit journey may take several attempts. If you experience a slip-up along the way, look at what happened and see if you can use it to change and personalize your quit plan. Sharing your quit journey with family and friends can give you a support network and can increase your chances of a success. 


 More Reasons to Quit

While many people can and do quit on their own, the difference for many people across Florida might be using the free Quit Your Way tools and services available from Tobacco Free Florida. These tools and services include Phone Quit, Group Quit, Web Quit and more. Nicotine replacement therapy like gum, patches or lozenges are also available through Tobacco Free Florida when medically appropriate.


 New for 2024, Tobacco Free Florida has added a new gift card incentive program. People who attend Group Quit sessions are eligible to receive a financial incentive of $25-$125 in gift cards (for a limited time only) as additional encouragement to quit tobacco. The program, which is available in all 67 counties, includes $50 for a single-session class. For multi-session classes, participants can receive $25 each for the first three sessions and $50 for the final session, for a total of up to $125. People can sign up for this incentive program through February 29 by visiting 


 We have made great progress towards a tobacco free Florida. The tools and support are in place to help 2024 be a year we continue to clear the air together. For more information on free available quit tools and services, visit

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