The students of Ms. Stacy Landi’s class at Winsor Hill recently put on an original production unlike any other called The Princess in the Hard Fact Forest.

With multiple showings in their classroom last week, the students performed in handmade costumes, set up and broke down sets they had crafted during the performance, and shined through their performance as they played their parts that they had been practicing for the last four weeks.

The play follows a princess, Samantha, played by Isabella Salazar and Abigail Ajca, who travels through a dream to find the answers to hard facts-information that is dependable and reliable-such as multiplication tables. No matter how much the princess studies, she had difficulty remembering what she had learned. The play encouraged those who have difficulty studying to look inside and believe themselves when they are in doubt or frustrated.

The princess visited the Three Little Pigs, played by Masimo Riccio, Analeah Martins, and Katelyn Silva, a fortune teller played by Hailey Feliciano and Giavanna Hunt, a wizard starring Owen Polofsky, and a king played by Zachary Damiano in her journey towards understanding. She also met a court jester played by Noah Hazebrouck, a witch played by Evie Georgiladakis and a prince played by Stephen O’Brien before returning home to her mother, played by Madelyn Sarli. The play focused on perseverance while using math and memorization techniques as the princess tried to make her way home. After awaking from her dream, Samantha found that she had the skill necessary to do well on her test that she was so worried about, earning praise from her teacher, played by Alessia Dutilly.

All of the actors were supported behind the scenes by their classmates, including assistant director Zachary Santilli-Pace, opening and closing performed by Nikko Pezza and Dario La Terra Bellina, narrators Lorelai Sarli, Cody Cook, and Alana Montecalvo. Props were handled by Ethan Bracey Amaya Johnson, and William Ferrara with set design work by Cloey Laflamme, Evelyn Cotton, and Isabella Robinson.

All lines, set designs, backgrounds, sound effects, direction, narration and costumes were created by the students with the assistance of Ms. Landi. Parents and families were invited to the school to see the performances, while students from other classes also attended to enjoy the performance.


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