While still small and missing a few teeth, the more than 200 kindergarteners at Sarah Dyer Barnes elementary school and the Early Childhood Center now have a big world ahead of them

During the past week, all of the Johnston kindergarteners celebrated their successful year with ceremonies marking their transition to first grade. Hundreds of family members, friends, along with the student’s teachers attended events hosted at both of the schools.

The festivities were a reflection of the students’ year together and a tribute to all they have learned since their first day of school. Through speeches given by ECC Principal Julie-anne Zarrella, Barnes principal Jill Souza, and Superintendent Dr. Bernard DiLullo, Jr., along with special video presentations detailing all the events the children participated in, attendees were given a virtual tour of their child’s life in kindergarten.

From their first orientation, to art projects, dress up days, holidays, along with progress made utilizing technology, computer programs, and academic achievements, each event highlighted just how much the students have grown in size and ability. Parents, teachers, and administrators all marveled at how fast time had passed with the students, and how bittersweet their sendoff was.

The students now look forward to new adventures and opportunities as they advance to first grade, thanks to a strong academic foundation provided by their parents, teachers and school.

Congratulations, kindergarteners, well done!


A poem for Kindergarteners

By Julie-anne Zarrella

What a year this has been

All transitions went well

Thanks to teachers and parents

Kindergarten has been swell!

Students know all their letters,

Sounds, numbers and sight words.

They’ve mastered their Chromebooks,

So onwards and upwards!

We’ve shared so many nice memories

From our Scarecrow Parade and holiday cheer,

Reading Week, Family Art Night, and Field Day

Oh- Weatherman Jeff even came here!

Students’ efforts have filled us with pride

They’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do

What we’ve accomplished TOGETHER

Will help these young learners through.

They are all off to great places

Joy and pride fill our hearts.

We’ve given each child all that’s needed;

As Kindergarten is where it starts!


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