Rhode Island Newspaper Group's History

Established in 1977, RING is an association of seven publishing companies representing 19 hometown newspapers. With one call, one order and one bill, advertisers reach 135,000 homes in Rhode Island and S.E. Massachusetts.
Our papers are audited and staffed by local reporters. Nine of the publications are sold by subscription and distributed by mail, carrier or at a newsstand.
RING is the best marketing tool for advertisers who want to reach Rhode Island’s extensive network of community newspapers with one phone call. There is no better midweek print vehicle.

Who We Reach

RING newspapers reach 132,000 unique households in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts offering full coverage of the Providence SMSA. The vast majority of our readers are homeowners. They are committed to their communities. They are educated, active participants in their towns and cities.
  • Upscale – 41% have completed college, and 24% have some college education
  • Affluent – medium household income stands at $75,900, with 30% earning $100,000 or more
  • Homeowners – 83% own a home, and 82% reside in a single-family dwelling
  • Families – 36% have children at home
  • Weekend Shoppers – 66% of those with a preferred shopping day are inclined to shop Friday or Saturday

What We Do

RING newspapers feature well-written articles by award-winning reporters. At our best we can be described as hyper-local. When it comes to covering community events, be it political, social, academic or religious, no other medium does it better.

Why We Are Effective

RING newspapers provide a touchstone for its readers which in turn builds community trust and brand loyalty for our advertisers. We are read cover to cover, not strictly by section. Our papers are picked up more than once, referred to and often passed along. Our readers trust us – we are their neighbors – we cover their lives.